Tribute to Duke Rumore
Ramsay Class of 1965 - 35th reunion- Aug.11-12, 2000

Angelo “Duke” Rumore, “Duke the Spook, The Tune Tycoon” was such a big part of
our high school days -before and after- for many of us!  He was there when we woke up
and on the way to school and as soon as we got out at three o’clock.
  Duke had the great Friday night after-the-ballgame dances and made himself a true
ambassador for good times for the Birmingham area  teens by plugging the goings-on at
various schools and local talent like the Ramblers and the Premiers as well as helping
bring in acts like Irma Thomas, Jerry Lee Lewis to Birmingham, to name a few.  Duke
had great connections with the Memphis scene and we got so much music and we
heard it so much earlier than most of the country. Just think of the beach, soul, rhythm
and blues with which we paced the rest of the country!
  One thing that I appreciated about Duke was his loyalty to his “Ramsay buddies” over
the air and his use of “Hey Y’all” and saying “can’t hardly” on the air---can you find a
more real person on the air today??-  Remember his playing volleyball at Ramsay in
   Duke was a real (radio) personality and not just another slick, canned disc jockey.  I
met Duke for the first time when I rode my bicycle down to the W.S.G.N. studios on
Southside to pick up an album that I had won over the telephone.  Duke happened to be
in the lobby and I heard his voice and put a face with that voice and he came over to me
and acted like it was his pleasure to meet me!!  I went home to tell Nancy-my sweet
sister- who listened to radio 25 hours a day ---to Duke , Tommy Charles, and Dave
Roddy all the time .  Little did I know then how much that music burned into my mind
with memories that serve me so well today.
  I ran into Duke from time to time and called him once in a while in the mornings to
request a song.  He usually found a way to play whatever someone asked for and he
answered the phone personally and was never rushed or different over the phone or in
person than he was on the air.  When Duke was at W.Y.D.E., we could drive by and
request a song for the “Rams” as we went to Burger-in-a-Hurry----like Louie-Louie--54
consecutive times!!
  Since Duke lived on Green Springs Ave.-(with a concrete yard)-, and I lived on 18th
Ave.,  he passed my house on his route to and from work during his W.Y.D.E. days.
One day he “rolled” my dog who always attacked his fast Corvair that he drove by like a
bat-out-of -hell!  The dog survived it and Duke stopped and was so distraught and
concerned .  We really became  friends and he always slowed down and honked when
he saw  me.
  I listened to Duke as I could when I was at Montevallo--A.M. didn’t carry so well back
then  so I listened to his brother Joe Rumore on W.V.O.K, “mighty 690”  -50,000watts.
  Some of my last recollections of Duke involved  his record business, a car wash
business and his association with W.Z.Z.K. in it’s first days-if you can believe!
  Duke was too generous and his record business eventually closed and the reminders
of his car washes can be seen in Forestdale and Pelham.
  Duke died doing what he enjoyed--playing softball at Green Springs Park on his
beloved Southside.  Hey, Y’all--you can’t hardly beat that.
   It might be said that being a D.J. is fluff, but Duke Rumore  was a “natural” and
enjoyed life and people and good times through music.  He shared that joy and zest for
life with all he could  and was inclusive, popular and most successful at what he did.
  Thanks, Duke ---from your “Ramsay Buddies”  .......  Now for the music.

  What a joy and a challenge to select 74:25 minutes of music that is synonymous with
the early 60’s and listening to Duke. The first are 45’s dubbed to digital and the last half
are digital copies of C.D.’s from my collection. Each was chosen for a particular reason
and many for the fact that the oldies format stations don’t include many of these today.
They are some of my favorites --hope you find a few old “friends” and memories.
  1.   One Mint Julep -- Ray Charles- one of his earliest--an instrumental to lead into
  2.   I Did My Part -- Irma Thomas --- She has a club in New Orleans --saw her at
 Hollywood  Country Club-Live at a Sigma Delta “ Leadout”  ~64.
  3.   Lipstick Traces (on a cigarette) -- Benny Spellman --and Fortune Teller
  4.   Shake a Tail Feather!! -- Contours -- how my mother yelled at Nancy over this
 cultural selection !!
  5.   Little Mixed Up -- Betty James    (who?)  Duke wore this one out!
  5b.  Twenty Miles -- Chubby Checker--P.C. March,’62- Johnny Osborn, Randy
 McDonald, Sara West, Sue Fossett--the Hangout--couldn’t dance, drive, or score.
  6.   Oogsey Moo -- Bo Reynolds (deceased) and the Premiers---from Ensley ----
Farmer John  --I’m in love with your daughter     are you all right !   -----     Hell Yeah!
  7.   Gonna Send You Back to Georgia -- Timmy Shaw! ?(“TIMMAH”) -a one hit
  8.   Tore-Up -- Harmonica Fats--   a standard:    the real deal --- “I just can’t find my
  9.  Flamingo Express -- Royal Now  -Tones!?!? Duke used to sing along --”Are you
          alright--well yeah”
  10.  Its All Over Now -- Valentinos --Stones did this one  later--Duke knew a
  11.  I’m Moving On -- Matt Lucas -yes, a Hank Snow tune(country is white man’s R &
              12&13   - Skip to 14--”syntax error “--notice the quality shift from 45’s to digital
  14.  Searching  for My Love -- Bobby Moore and the Rhythm Aces-- no, no, no
  15.  Treat Her Right -- Roy Head  “you got to start real slow”--squeeze her real “genul”
  16.   You Better Move On -- Mr. Arthur Alexander-”the great”--has “country “
  17.   A Shot of R & B -- A.A. again ------Is what you need  when you get the “can’t
help its”
  18.  It’s Alright  -- The Impressions   -  Boppers’ delight
  19.  She’s So Tough  -- Casuals    Nancy’s favorite
  20.   Anna (Go with Him) -- Arthur Alexander Where you been, where you been all
my life?
  21.  Hold On, I’m Coming -- Sam & Dave ------ It takes much longer now
  22.  Mr. Big Stuff --- notice how many of these songs turn up in movies and
  23.  I’ll Take You There     Missed on this one--(not cd-rw) once burned- always
  24.   Let Me In-             (wee-oou)        Everyday on W.S.G.N.!
  25.   The One Who Really Loves You -- Mary Wells  ”Silly Lilly, you know she
doesn’t really”
  26.   Money--the original---so many made a version--  even the Beatles!!!
  27.   Just one Look -- DorisTroy-’63-  It still does things for me --the harmonies ...
  28.   Untie Me -(so I can love again ) -- Tams   Why don’t they play this one on
  29.  One Fine Day -- The Chiffons   One fine day we’ll be all together again-God

            So much music, so little space.    Well, lets do another--its only 74 min. and
we can listen while sitting on 280 each day!!----On to Duke  II and the not so often
played beach and dance music B.B.  (before  Beatles) and formula music groups that
copied them and protest songs of a maturing boomer group that  was assuming the role
of responsible adulthood--even unto death in a war not really understood or wanted by
anyone. The 70’s were busy with jobs and ‘birthing our babies” and promotions and the
stress of hurried life and then the divorces in the 80’s and readjustment  and rebound
and the 90’s with a full turn back to swing, big band, and the good stuff like the
following 30 songs before real reality and responsibility and just having fun and trying
to grow up right and making our parents proud----  We did,They are, and we are too.

1.  It Will Stand --”Roc-a-ca-Rolloo” “ Rock and roll will stand”--The Showmen
2.  Te- Ta  Te-Ta-Ta  -- Ernie K. Doe ---Mother-in-Law  fame
3.  Get on Up    1967  -- The Esquires   “Trying my best, girl,  to dance with you”
4.   Hello Stranger -- Barbara Lewis  --  “Seems like a mighty long time”
5.   What Kind of Fool  the real Bill Deal and the Rhondels ‘69 versions of the Tams’
6.    Fannie Mae -- Buster Brown  ( no relation to Tag or Midnight the cat)   1959
7.    Mixed- up,  Shook- Up Girl  -1964 -- Patty and the Emblems !! ??
8.    Just a Little Bit     (little biddy bit)    -- Roscoe Gordon      Live band staple
9.    Big Boss Man  -- Jerry Reed      (You Got me Doing What You Want Me)
10.   39-21-46 --  Showmen     The original “Baby’s got Back” ---butts--song
11.   Kidnapper  -- Jewell and the Rubies !! ? 1961   Great version by Ramblers too!
12.   When You Dance -- The Turbans  -  Done by Ronnie Anderson, Tommy Numnum
 and others (e-mail me and tell me the other two) at an assembly talent show .
13.    Personality -- Lloyd Price  ?     “Plus you got a great big” ??--  car?? smile!
14.   A Little Bit of Soap -- Ramblers Reunion Band  They topped the Jarmels with
this version!!  Did you get a copy of their Cotillion compact disc?--e-mail Tom Terrell
15.  Tell Him -- Exciters-   Tell them all that you love them -- while they are still here.
16.   Hey Baby -- Bruce Channell         Duke played this a few times
17.   He’s So Fine  -- Chiffons    ( Do Lang -do lang -do-lang)---We counted them on a
trip to  P.C.
18.   I Like It Like That -- Chris Kenner?     “ you take Sally and I’ll take Sue and
  we’re gonna rock away all our blues”

19.   Ya Ya  -- Lee Dorsey-       -better a one hit wonder than a no hit blunder

20.   I Will Follow Him Still gets air time --  morning staple of “The Duke”

21.   Loco Motion -- Little Eva       Was “discovered “ doing this song as a demo singer

22.   Under The Boardwalk  -- Drifters        Everyone can relate to this one

23.   Searching--Coasters    Emile and I used to sing this one in school--Glen Iris--

24.    Deep Purple-April Stevens&Nino Tempo-- “ in the midst of the memory, you
 wander back to me--      and as long as my heart will beat,sweet loving will always
 meet --here in a deep purple dream”

25.   What Am I Living For ----(If not for you) --- nobody else, nobody else will do.

26.   Save the Last Dance For Me -- Drifters----  Still good advice

27.   Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow  -- Shirelles   Tell me now and I won’t ask
28.   Dedicated To The One I Love   “Life can never be-- exactly like we want it to be.”
          Each night before you go to bed ----whisper a little prayer---tell all the stars above-

29.   My, Our  thanks to all that made the Ramsay Reunion 2000 a great success!!

30.   See You in September -- The Tempos ----’59 version and the one the Duke
 played      “ While you’re away don’t forget to write”--or better yet,  E-mail !!
 “Here we are- saying good-bye at the station - Summer vacation ,(and work and
 life) is  taking you ,(us) away.
  Take care,God bless and see you soon-Randy
                     Keep in touch !                     May God Bless

 If you would like copies of the two Ramsay Reunion 2000 commemerative
 Duke Rumore Tribute compact Discs for $10 each or-$20 total  -no tax,
   no postage,(my pleasure),E-mail or call and give the address---if you are
 musically connected, these are for you.---(operators are standing by )-R

August 24, 2000:  The response to the above has been unbelievable!  I am
burning CDs now as fast as I can and below is a dance set I played for you 
Friday night that is also available on CD for $10 each.  Let me know if you are
interested.   R

RAMSAY  ‘65 2000 Reunion  Commemorative Dance CD
1 Sweet Soul Music                  15 Hang on Sloopy
 Arthur Conley                               McCoys
2 High Heel Sneakers                 16 Sea of Love
 Lil’ Tommy Tucker                       Phil Phillips
3 Laugh It Off                             17 Louie Louie
 Tams                                            Kingsmen
4 Quarter to Three                      18 Knock on Wood
 Gary U.S. Bonds                           Eddie Floyd
5 These Arms of Mine                19 Soul-Man
 Otis Redding                                Sam & Dave
6 Mr. Pitiful                              20 Land of 1000 Dances
 Otis Redding                                Wilson Pickett
7 Up on the Roof                      21  Ain’t Too Proud to Beg
 Drifters                                        Temptations
8 Twist Again                          22 Sugar Pie Honey Bunch
 Chubby Checker                       4 Tops
9 Hand Jive                              23 Then You Can Tell Me  Goodbye
 Johnny Otis                                 Casinos
10 Anyone                               24 Soldier Boy
 Irma Thomas                               Shirells
11 Double Shot                      25 Midnight Hour
 Swingin’ Medalions                   Wilson Pickett
12 Wooly-Bully                      26 My Girl
 Sam the Sham & Pharohs              Temptations
13 Farmer John                       27 I’ve Been Loving You Too Long
 Bo Reynolds & the Premiers           Otis Redding
14 Twist & Shout
 Isley Brothers

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